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09 July 2015 @ 09:34 am
Sorrowful Blues - Prologue  
Title: Sorrowful Blues - Prologue
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: yunho/jaejoong
Genre: fantasy, angst, action, romance, dark
Wordcount: 1,773
Summary: A weakness to consider -- that's what Yunho is to Jaejoong.

A/N: Unbetaed. Made this for one of my projects in English, that's why the flow is kinda reserved. (You wouldn't submit an obvious yaoi fic to your professor now, would you?) Inspired by junsu's flower mv (= golden tea) and jaejoong's mine mv (= cloaks and the diamond mask).

Six in the evening, right on the dot.

It was another Friday night, which means a nourishing ceremony is yet to be held again. It’s a weekly gathering to exile defectors. People who go against the council, people who refuse to do what the council wants, they all end up there.

The casual citizens watched in loathe as the higher citizens, dressed in studded black cloaks, passed in front of them, making their way to the Palace of Loyalty. If there’s someone who would hate the ceremony to the extent, that would be the commoners. For them, it is downright inhumane, and they pity these gifted people for being utterly blinded from the truth, which is ironic, at the very least.

“It’s Azune’s head this time, they say,” one of the cloaked men said informatively.

Flowing down undisturbed from the metal end, each cup was filled with a golden, yet edible substance, a luxurious tea that only the finest alchemists can drink. Each drip is then doted as a product of agony and repentance, along with sins and betrayal.

“Don’t you get scared at all?” the man continued.

Refusing to answer, the latter tightened his grip on the porcelain cup and forced himself to drink the said tea, slightly wincing from time to time due to the faint pain on his left shoulder.

Azune’s the latest exiled alchemist, one of the finest to be precise. She had the same principles as him. They both wished for a country that’s free at least from cruelty, since corruption is deemed impossible to vanish. However, her identity as a defector resurfaced after a long run, which is not a shocking news at all. Defectors know the prize for being who they are. For the sake of saving the helpless people, a life has to be sacrificed in the end. You get nothing nice like a medal but a sweet burn of self for tea.

The field of alchemy became dirtier as centuries passed by. The commoners are being used now for tests with or without their permission, and the sickening fact about it is that the government doesn’t care at all, not even when a casualty is made because of it. There’s no way out for the commoners. It’s either you get your breathing ceased by this injustice act, or have your head turn into gold before melting all it is worth for another Friday ceremony.

“This is unbearable, Jaejoong hyung! I’m drinking the gold head of your lover,” Junsu couldn’t help but complain.

“Just drink it. You wouldn’t want to be suspected as a defector, would you?” the latter countered with a blank look on his face.

If there’s something Jaejoong sincerely hates, that would be the fact that he’s wearing a black cloak, taking slow sips of the repentant tea. So dirty and cruel. And with this, a chuckle in disbelief could only escape from his disappointingly warmed mouth. Loudly dropping his now empty cup, Jaejoong quickly dashed away from the scorned palace, leaving his baffled friend behind.


Who are you?

Stealthily following the black, tinted sedan that’s roaming around the slum district, a man emerged from a narrow alley, face covered with diamonds.

A few turns after, the sedan took its full stop in front of a decent-looking bungalow, and judging from the way the passengers invested a good minute to scan the surroundings for any unwanted visitor, the place is obviously the new ground for tests. Wasting no time, he took a few strides towards the door, and right there and then, fight was engaged, alchemist to alchemist, worst against worst.

Briefly massaging his left shoulder, the man let out a hiss. There were four men inside, and though he could eliminate all of them with his combat skills, there’s a nuisance to him this time, and that’s his shoulder injury from his recent fight. Successfully tackling down the man who’s guarding the front door, he then didn’t hesitate and twisted the opponent’s head, bones cracking, blood gushing. Gazing at the commoner who’s currently tied on a pillar, he quickly fished his Swiss knife out of his jacket’s slit. The next thing to do is risky, yet he did nevertheless.


The man ran towards the commoner and broke the rope as well as the tapes wrapped around the commoner’s wrists and mouth. Once freed, the latter exhaled deeply before speaking.

“What do you think are you doing? They’ll surely feel your aura. Heck, I can feel it already,” the commoner said, catching breaths in between phrases.

The man was slightly taken aback. He didn’t expect the commoner to feel the aura at all, but he did. He’s not weak at all, he thought.

Securing the silencer of his gun, he briskly entered the adjacent room and was then welcomed by the three frozen men dressed in black cloaks. One of them got paused while assessing the needed tools for the new hypothesis. The two armed men, however, were both looking straight as they stood beside the door. He then fired shots towards their chest and head, having no intention of sparing their lives. Walking back to lock the door and leave the place, he was then startled by the commoner who strangely entered the room to grab the experimental banes and elixirs, gathering the small vials on a piece of cloth from one of his pockets. Raising one of his eyebrows, the halcyon masked man blocked the door and spoke.

“Where are you taking those?” What would a commoner have to do with those vials?

Slightly shoving the curious man so he could pass, the commoner scanned the vicinity for any item that would interest him but to no avail. “How about you, who are you? You kind of ruined my plan, by the way. But then, I got these specimen without any fuss so maybe I should thank you, too,” the commoner answered before extending his arm onto the front door, gesturing the other man to make his exit.

“My name doesn’t matter, commoner. You’re sparking curiosity out of mine, though. You don’t seem as weak as your rank,” he countered, earning a chuckle from the other.

Refusing to respond to the topic, the commoner retorted, “You might want to make your way out of this place now, first. Your aura is so strong they might detect your identity and whereabouts.”

Considering the mysterious (and somehow smart) commoner’s remark, they sneaked their way towards the slum border. The escape overall was awkwardly quiet, which was fine to Jaejoong. The commoner's full of alarming mysteries, anyways.

However, upon reaching the safe side of the boundary, the smirking commoner let out words that made the masked man’s composure falter. Seems like fate loves messing with our lives, he thought.

“I’m actually quite disappointed that you couldn’t recognize me anymore,” the commoner said with a mocking tone.

Puzzled and speechless, Jaejoong stopped running abruptly. "W-what do you mean?" he asked.

“My name’s Yunho. Ring a bell, Jaejoong? It’s been a long time, huh.”

And with that sudden revelation, Jaejoong ran away, refusing to look back, hands trembling.


A weakness to consider.

Slamming his back onto the bedroom door, a light thud was heard when the back of his skull met the varnished wood, eyes roaming elsewhere but firm as he tries to blink back his tears. With trembling hands, he took his phone out of his black vest, dialing the sole person he could ever talk to at the moment. Four rings after, a hoarse, sleepy voice was then heard, worry evident on his tone of speaking..

“Jae hyung, seriously? You had to freeze someone tonight, you just had to. Do you even know w--” Before Junsu could even reprimand, he got interrupted by Jaejoong’s stutter.

“H-h-he’s alive.”

“What? W-who?” Junsu confusedly asked.

“Jung Yunho. H-he’s alive. I saw him. He knows who I am. What I do. I… What am I going to do now?” Jaejoong stupidly asked. He’s strong, yes. But conscience is something he cannot win over, a weakness to consider.

Junsu turned mute, trying to process the sudden news. A good friend of his is back. A friend whom he risked his life to save, a friend whom he helped continue living. Just thinking of the situation got his forehead wrinkled in frustration. Just what will be Yunho’s part in Jaejoong’s life? Is he going to become an enemy, a companion, or a man of betrayal?

Ending the call abruptly, Jaejoong lifelessly sat down the floor. All of a sudden, the childhood memories of them three popped back on his mind. The past he almost forgot as time ticks each second, as every memory gets replenished. He was a friend whom he almost killed with his blind eyes. The selfish things he had done back then, why did they have to come back? To bite and swallow me down to hell?


“Jae, help me! I’m begging you. My parents are gone! Why is this even happening? I thought the council’s never going to harm the elites? The commoners? What’s happening?!”

“What are you saying, Yunho? How dare you question the council’s movement? Your parents betrayed the council. That’s the truth.” The 14-year old Jaejoong stressed.

“What? J-jaejoong! Why are you saying that? I thought you knew my parents the best! You know they aren’t like that! They were helping the commoners, w—“

“Stop it now, Jung Yunho. It’s over. The ceremony has been done. And you know what? You’re next according to father. Reflect now and save yourself,” he heartlessly said.

“I have nothing to reflect! My family is clean. We didn’t do anything wrong! There’s nothing to feel sorry for!”

“I’ll tell that to father, then.”

“Then tell him! I won’t let myself die in vain! All these disgusting things you do, just go live with it! Just wait, I’ll be back to destroy all of you!”

“There’s nothing to destroy other than defectors like you. I am deeply ashamed to have you as my best friend.”

“Don’t even start with that, Kim Jaejoong. We’re not friends anymore, not after the things you’ve said with your sinful mouth just now.”

“. . .”

“One day, you’ll regret doing this to me. One day, you’ll get your heart and mind cleansed. One day, you’ll see how pitiful this kingdom is, so dirty and cruel.”

And with that, the nostalgia made him stare blankly at the floor.

Disgusting -- that’s what all of us are. There’s neither bad nor worse among us who drink repentant teas every Friday night. Even saving lives won’t make you less than worst. No, not at all.

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jj_luverjj_luver on July 9th, 2015 02:02 pm (UTC)
Awesome!! *o*
Can't wait for more!
tapzztapzz on July 10th, 2015 06:28 pm (UTC)
Wow!!! Seems very interesting..wondering about yunjae's childhood :(

Thanks for sharing :)